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Worship Lead Position



Table of Hope is a SBC church plant that started in 2021. We are located in Puyallup, WA and meet Sunday nights at 5pm at South Hill Baptist Church. Table of Hope is a small gathering (15-20 people) aimed at growing our outreach to our community. Our services are mainly contemporary praise music. We have embraced a dinner model where we eat together before weekly communion, singing, preaching and table discussion during our 2 hour service.

We are passionate about helping people be great neighbors. Our mission is to use our tables to share His gospel in every area of life. We are looking for a worship lead who lives a gospel centered life and is looking to join in our vision to equip great neighbors. Worship is more than the songs we sing on Sunday, worship is a lifestyle of giving glory to God where we work, live, learn, and play.

We are looking for someone to help lead us in singing Sundays and to help us equip our church to live lives of worship. We have some passionate singers but only have a couple of people that are worship leaders. Creating spaces for people to be known and to get to know each other is important to us, so we come as we are and encourage others to do the same. Our regular Sunday singing is led by one worship leader and sometimes another musician or vocalist.

This job is an estimated time per week 4-5 hours with one Sunday off a month and reports to Pastor Tyler.


The first responsibility of this role is to be all-in with Jesus. This role is intended for someone who not only joins in our mission and vision but is willing to commit to our community through membership at Table of Hope.

The Worship Director is responsible for:

  • Leading Worship Sunday Nights
  • Preparing for Sunday Night Worship
  • Participating in Strategy Team Meetings
  • Manages Planning Center Services
  • Runs Preservice Huddle
  • Build up and lead Worship Team
  • Scheduling alternate leads on weeks off